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Andover, USA Featured

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Mary Beth Ellis

Mary Beth Ellis is one of the USA’s most decorated long distance triathletes. A member of the US National Team for 4 years, during her career she was an elite ITU racer as well as Top 5 Ironman Wor...

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Frankfurt, Germany Featured

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Dirk Neumann

I'm located in Frankfurt Germany. In my earlier years I was a soccer professional. Later I was a talent coach for the tennis association. Started marathon running in 2004 and triathlon in 2007. ...

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Find your next coach coaches include World and Ironman champions who have all been mentored directly by Head Coach, Brett Sutton, and use training methods when designing your program. They understand that each individual is busy with work, family and other commitments and customize your training around your personal circumstances.

Coaching professional coaches are full-time professionals dedicated to improving the performances of their athletes. Your success and continued improvement is their core goal.

Coaching experienced

All the coaches here have been personally mentored by Head Coach, Brett Sutton. They all use the same fundamental methods that have led to Olympic, World and Ironman champions.

Coaching results

When you sign up with a coach you are joining the most successful triathlon squad the sport has known. All our coaches have experience in training both professional and age-group athletes.

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Access the best triathlon coaching team in the world. Train with World and Ironman winning champions who share Brett Sutton training’s methodology to improve your performance.


Trisutto have both male and female coaches and can cater to athletes of all abilities. From beginners to those looking to podium at world championship events.


Join the world’s most successful triathlon team. Become part of a thriving online squad with athletes located across Europe, North and South America, Asia and South Africa.

Learn more about Trisutto Coaching's online coaches provide a customised training experience for all levels of athlete. Our flexible coaching packages are designed to accommodate your lifestyle needs and focus on developing your fitness, endurance and race-day performance while having fun.

If an athlete has a preference for a particular coach that is super, but if not we help decide which coach would be most suitable.

It’s important to have a good coaching relationship. Some athletes prefer a male or female coach, but also as we are international company we have coaches from various countries and often find athletes and coaches of similar nationalities communicate work best.

Before starting to work with a Trisutto coach, the process is usually a Skype or phone call for the coach and athlete to learn more about each other, and for the athlete to be able to ask any and all questions they wish. It is important to discuss sporting goals, work and life commitments, logistics (e.g. distance to the local swimming pool), past injuries and to get a feel for personal motivations and the individual persons characteristics. Everyone is different and unique, and getting the balance right so training compliments life, produces results and not tips it out of kilter.

All of our Trisutto coaches have been coached by Brett as athletes and/or mentored as coaches, and use his training methods and principles in their own coaching. Each coach has their own style, hence matching coach to athlete is important.

The majority of our coaches schedule workouts one week at a time to be able to incorporate feedback and help tailor training specifically to the athlete.

The sign up process is online. Simply purchase the coaching product – this pays your first months coaching fee, and creates a monthly subscription that charges your credit card / PayPal account on the same day each month. There is no more administration to do and you receive a receipt by e-mail for each monthly payment.

There is no minimum period of commitment and the coaching can be cancelled at any time. Athletes can also request their coaching to be placed ‘on hold’ should they wish to take a break.

When you sign up online, you pay for one month of coaching. A monthly subscription is also created that automatically charges your Visa, Mastercard or PayPal account on the same day each month, for the following months.

* you can sign up at any time, up to the start date agreed with your coach. We can adjust your subscription renewal date to align to this start. Note that your first month coaching fee is still paid when you sign up, however by changing your renewal date, your subsequent payments will then be correctly lined with your start date.

* you only need to sign up once, then payments are automatically charged each following month, until you decide to cancel – which can be done at any time. There is no minimum period.

You receive a receipt (by e-mail) for each monthly subscription payment.

All purchases on are in US Dollars.

We accept PayPal, Visa and MasterCard for all payments.

Please go to your account, you can remove and add new cards.

You can place your subscription on hold by e-mailing

While on hold, days that are on credit remain in your account to use once you return and recommence coaching.

If you decide you want to cancel, you can do this from your Trisutto account

Please note it is not our policy to refund part used months of coaching, if you decide to cancel your coaching part way through a month. We do not charge start up fees, or have minimum lock-in periods, which allows athletes and coaches flexibility in their coaching needs.

Please contact us, anytime via the Live Chat button (envelope bottom right).

At we wish to ensure that all of our athletes receive the best and most professional coaching service possible. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your coach's performance or would like to confidentially report an issue - please write to our Coaching Director, Robbie Haywood ( and we will take immediate steps to address it.