Founded in 2014 by world renowned coaches Brett Sutton, Robbie Haywood and Susie Langley, delivers online coaching, camps and training plans to all levels of multisport athlete. Head Coach Brett Sutton has coached over 3 Olympic medallists and 25 World Champions and leads a growing team of elite and amateur coaches, many of whom are former World and Ironman Champions themselves.

Head Coach Brett Sutton

Brett sutton profile

In addition to mentoring some of the sport’s icons, including Olympic gold and silver medalist Nicola Spirig, current Ironman World Champion and record holder Daniela Ryf, and four-time Kona winner Chrissie Wellington, Brett Sutton has coached three individual Olympic medal winners, 16 ITU world champions and his athletes have amassed 150 plus 70.3 and Ironman championships.

Current Squad

Nicola spirig

Nicola Spirig

Olympic Champion

Daniela ryf

Daniela Ryf

Ironman World Champion

Corinne abraham

Corinne Abraham

European Ironman Champion

James cunnama 2010

James Cunnama

3 x Ironman Champion

Matt trautman

Matt Trautman

Ironman 70.3 South Africa Champion

Reinaldo colucci

Reinaldo Colucci

Multiple 70.3 Champion

Nicola spirig 2010

Nicola Spirig

2012 Olympic Gold Medallist

Caroline steffen 2010

Caroline Steffen

2 x ITU LC World Champion

Chrissie wellington 2010

Chrissie Wellington

4 x Ironman World Champion

Reinaldo colucci 2010

Reinaldo Colucci

2 x Olympic Triathlete

Jodie swallow 2010

Jodie Swallow

2 x World Triathlon Champion

Stephen bayliss 2010

Stephen Bayliss

4 x Ironman Champion

Belinda granger 2010

Belinda Granger

15 x Ironman Champion

Ritchie nicholls 2010

Ritchie Nicholls

70.3 European Champion

Mary beth ellis 2010

Mary Beth Ellis

11 x Ironman Champion

James cunnama 2010

James Cunnama

3 x Ironman Champion

Daniela ryf 2010

Daniela Ryf

2 x Ironman World Champion

Dan halksworth 2010

Dan Halksworth

2 x Ironman Champion

Lucy zelenkova 2010

Lucie Zelenkova

2 x Ironman Champion

Amy marsh 2010

Amy Marsh

6 x Ironman Champion

Dave dellow 2010

David Dellow

1 x Ironman Champion

Tereza macel 2010

Tereza Macel

Multiple Ironman Champion

Emma snowsill 2000

Emma Snowsill

2008 Olympic Gold Medallist

Andrew john 2000

Andrew Johns

2 x European Champion

Loretta harrop 2000

Loretta Harrop

2004 Olympic Silver Medallist

Brad kahlefeldt 2000

Brad Kahlefeldt

3 x World Championship Medallist

Siri lindley 2000

Siri Lindley

2 x Triathlon World Champion

Greg bennett 2000

Greg Bennett

6 x ITU World Cup Winner

Liz blatchford 2000

Liz Blatchford

Ironman Champion

Jan rehula 2000

Jan Rehula

2000 Olympic Bronze Medallist

Bella bayliss 2000

Bella Bayliss

16 x Ironman Champion

Craig walton 2000

Craig Walton

7 x ITU World Cup winner

Lisbeth kristensen 2000

Lisbeth Kristensen

ITU LC World Champion

Tim don 2000

Tim Don

2006 ITU World Champion

Matt reed 2000

Matt Reed

2008 USA Triathlete of Year

Cyrille neveu 2000

Cyrille Neveu

1 x LC Triathlon World Champion

Rebecca preston 2000

Rebecca Preston

4 x Ironman Champion

Reto hug 2000

Reto Hug

2 x World Championship Medallist

Erika csomor 2000

Erika Csomor

2x ITU Duathlon World Champion

Bek keat 2000

Rebekah Keat

Multiple Ironman Champion

Hillary biscay 2000

Hillary Biscay

1 x Ironman Champion

Annie emmerson 2000

Annie Emmerson

3 x British Triathlon Champion

Chris mcdonald 2000

Chris McDonald

7 x Ironman Winner

Mathias hecht 2000

Mathias Hecht

Ironman Winner

Jo spindler 2000

Jo Spindler

2 x Ironman Champion

Cam watt 2000

Cameron Watt

Ironman 70.3 Champion

Collette 1990

Colette Gunn

1990 Commwealth Games

Ben bright 1990

Ben Bright

2000 Sydney Olympian

Bianca 1990

Bianca van Woesik

Multiple World Cup Medallist

Jenny alcorn 1990

Jenny Lund

1993 World Duathlon Champion

Jackie gallagher 1990

Jackie Gallagher

1996 ITU World Champion

Greg welch 1990

Greg Welch

Multiple World Champion

Sian welch 1990

Sian Welch

Multiple Ironman Champion

Hamish 1990

Hamish Carter

2004 Olympic Gold Medallist

Sylvain dafflon 1990

Sylvain Dafflon

French ITU Representative

Peter robertson 1990

Peter Robertson

Multiple World Champion

Joanne king 1990

Joanne King

1998 ITU World Champion

Melanie mitchell 1990

Melanie Mitchell

2 x World Junior Medallist

Chappo 1990

Trent Chapman

2 x ITU World Cup medallist

Marcus keller 1990

Markus Keller

2000 Sydney Olympian

Rina 1990

Rina Hill (Bradshaw)

1994 World Indoor Champion

Luke harrop 1990

Luke Harrop

3rd Australian Sprint Champs

Meet the team is dedicated to providing our Athletes and Coaches with the best possible customer experience. We understand through that the key to an individual's success is building a strong team and culture around them. As such, we've assembled a world class team with experience from business, IT and coaching fields who are focused on making best available platform to be an athlete or coach in the sport.

Robbie haywood
Robbie Haywood
Director of Coaching

Prior software development career of 25 years. I assist our coaches and athletes to be the best that they can be.

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Susie langley
Susie Langley
Director of Operations

16 years IT specialist operational support in client facing roles, both in Australia and USA, with clients worldwide. I oversee day to day operations at Trisutto, and ensure we give the best possible service to our customers.

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Katey gibb
Katey Gibb
Director of Marketing

As a seasoned marketing specialist, my goal is to keep a steady stream of new business and marketing challenges in front of me. Though the bulk of my experience is in professional services, I have worked with both B2B and B2C companies during my time in marketing.

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Anders hasselstrom
Anders Hasselstrøm
Director of Engineering

Sofware engineer and product manager with extensive experience in technology startups. I make sure Trisutto are as good in software as in coaching athletes.

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